meypayatu is based on the principal movements of Kalaripayattu, a 3000-year-old Indian martial art form and the root of all martial arts.

Kalaripayattu evolved alongside Yoga and Ayurveda and shares elements of both, with the potential to transform both the mind and body of practitioners.

meypayatu benefits the mind and body, which includes greater strength, flexibility, cardio fitness, stress management, mind focus and greater inner and outer awareness.

meypayatu was developed by experts and leading figures from Kalaripayattu, yoga, fitness and is delivered by trained professionals from related backgrounds including yoga, Pilates, dance, personal training.

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We are in the process of adding further classes and venues. Please sign-up to be notified of new class details.


Venue: The Place (entrance on Flaxman Terrace, WC1H 9PY)

Studio 10.

Instructor: Nic Gill

Time: 8 - 9pm every Monday

Cost: £12 walk-in / £40 pcm


Venue: Mid Hall, Langside Halls, 5 Langside Ave, Glasgow G41 2QR, UK

Instructor: Justina Kasponyte

Time: Tuesdays 7pm - 8pm (BOOKING ESSENTIAL)

Cost: £8 walk-in (Free introductory class)

Contact: 07908808485, jkaspon@gmail.com


Venue: Dance Project Studios(Ex-Sandhurst), Suffolk Road, PBK 1940, Pembroke, Malta

Instructor: Ek Singh

Time: Wednesday 7.30 - 8.30pm, Friday 10 - 11am

Cost: €11 walk-in (Free introductory class)

Contact: 99702649


We are working hard with our master trainers and health and fitness facilities to launch meypayatu soon.

In the meantime, if you would like to be kept informed of developments and class avalability or would like to work with us, please add your details below.

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